I write this while Bravery’s napping, which he does in short bursts with long nursing sessions in between.  I’m not very good at typing.  Nevertheless, I’ve had a niggling desire to add my  “voice” to the cacophony of the blagosphere.   A long time ago I had a blog – long enough ago that I think they were still called “online diaries”, in the vain hope that I would find some kind of magical, cohesive community that I couldn’t find in my real life.  I didn’t prove to be much good at writing an interesting blog, but I suppose this is my second attempt.

I’d like to say that this blog is about feminist motherhood, birth, midwifery, and reproductive choice…but it will probably be mostly bitching about my partner.

Really though, I’d like to get better at writing, and it’s something I am kind of shy about.

So here we go.


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